Web creation with WordPress is not always an uphill task. However, dealing with its advanced features such as on-site security, SEO and plugins is not a walk in the park. In fact, to build an intuitive WordPress website with an outstanding graphic user interface, you will need to pull up your socks. To eliminate the guesswork out of the whole process, we have compiled a list of online courses that will surely upskill your web design skills with WordPress.
In each review, we go the extra mile to delve into the course content, advantages, duration and price. Additionally, we have included who’s the course for; to help with easier choosing. It is also worth noting that, this nifty list contains exclusively top-rated courses with thousands of enrolled students.
Therefore, enrolling for any of the listed course is not only a bold step to upgrading your career skills. It also gives you a chance to join millions of other learners across the world. Some of these courses contain public forums that allow various learners to interact.
Take a look…

The Complete WordPress Website Business Course (Udemy)

It is no doubt that this course had to top our list. It is absolutely the best course to go for when you are completely green in WordPress. In this course, Greg, one of the most competent tutor on Udemy will take you through systematic concepts on web creation and development. You will definitely love the rich video contents that he dispenses at absolutely no costs.

In the course, you will learn;
• The basics of WordPress
• Site building, hosting and installation of WordPress on your computing device
• Themes, plugins, and frameworks
• On-site security, speed, maintenance and updates

• 100% online tuition
• Downloadable resources from a highly experienced teacher
• Q &A sections for any question
• Certification upon completion
• Access on TVs and Mobile devices

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Who’s the course for:
• Aspiring developers with open sourced CMS
• Complete newbies in WordPress
• Those who want to go the extra miles to add some deeper knowledge on their skillset

Course Price
The course is free. You will only need to register as a member on Udemy in order to be eligible for certification.

WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress step by step (Skillshare)

This is one of the most popular courses on Skillshare. In the course, Chris will take you through every piece of details you need to become a prominent website builder or designer with WordPress. With or without background knowledge, it will enable you to perform advanced operations that will definitely warm your heart.

In the course, you will learn;
• Basics of WordPress and hosting with localhost
• Web customization and theme development
• Dealing with products
• Exporting the created website to a liver server

• No extra software needed
• 3 different custom website projects
• 3 rich downloadable resources

Who’s the course for;
• Hobbyists in web building and design
• Any career web developer who wants to add WordPress design in the skillset

Course duration
It is self-paced.

Course price
The course is absolutely free

WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly (Udemy)

If you are in for a course that will take you through the basics of WordPress to an advanced level of learning, then this course is what you need. It is rated number one in Udemy with an average of 4.6 stars and thousands of enrolled students.
Through well structured, informative and high-quality video contents, not only is the course easy to understand. You will also not miss any piece of information from highly experienced trainers. Additionally, the course has a preview video and free trial options to help you choose whether it is what you want or not.

What you will learn:
• Creating and hosting a functional and intuitive wordpress website
• WordPress basic tools and themes
• On-site security and speed enhancement
• Configuration of the built website

• Certification upon completion
• 100% online based
• Self-paced learning
• 31 rich and downloadable resources

Who’s the course for;
Any person with a solid dream of knowing how to build a responsive and nice-looking website with WordPress

Course duration
7.5 hours. However, you can adopt a self-paced learning mechanism.

Course price
Members are eligible to full access. However, you can add this course to cart for $194.99.

WordPress 101

Created by Shawn Hesketh, WP101 is a video-based tutorial that has enabled millions of newbies to become giant web creators with WordPress. Companies such as Godaddy, WP beginners, NASA and more, have licensed it. In an easy-to-understand language, the course demystifies WordPress fundamentals before going ahead to expound on a wide range of concepts in WordPress Web building.

Here is what you will learn throughout the course:
• Web hosting and content creation
• Basics of WordPress
• Web security
• Advanced WordPress tools such as JetPack, iThemes, SEO tools and Calendar

• First free video contents upon registration
• Exclusively rich resources of decent lengths
• 100% online
• Regular updates
• Additional free course upon sign up

Who’s the course for;
Aspiring web developer with WordPress

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
Video contents are available upon subscription

WordPress Beginner class (OSTraining)

The last in our list is a YouTube video series that will take you through all you need to build a customizable, high-quality website on WordPress. Sponsored by Goddady, these series by OStraining will take you through:
• Basics of WordPress and its installation
• Web creation and hosting
• WordPress features and tools plus their various uses
• On-site site security and speed enhancement

The best thing with this course is that it relies solely on the YouTube Video content. And, the best thing is, you are always free to get in touch with OSTrainig tutors for clarification of any concept missed. Otherwise, the contents are gem to go for.

• Self-paced learning
• Offline download system
• Highly structured and rich video contents

Who’s the course for
• Any aspiring web developer
• Hobbyists in web creation and design

Course duration
You are free to watch the videos in your free time in a self-paced manner.

Course price
The video contents are entirely free

WordPress does not only power simpler and smaller websites. Popular websites such as the People Daily depends on it for all of its posts. And, the fact that millions of websites depend on WordPress, it is here to stay for decades.
The aforementioned courses are absolute as far as learning WordPress is concerned. Get better in WordPress with any of the course and be ready to improve the sales leads or meet your future employer.