Best Writing Courses / Certificate programs (2019)

Published: 16.07.2019
Best Writing Courses

Every person who has gone through the school system has the potential to be a writer. However, you need special skills to capture your readers’ attention and make them interested in your writing and not move on to the next piece of writing. This is why we have compiled the following best writing course to help write your fictional book, blog or a newspaper/magazine article effectively. The information provided will help you choose a writing course that suits your niche.

Specializing on Creative Writing

The certification in this course is for three primary writing fields, that is, memoirs, narrative essay, and short story. The course is suited for beginners and those who wish to improve their writing. After completion of the training, you will be able to effectively analyze and assess peer writing in a constructive manner.

Advantages of Taking this Tutorial
• Flexible schedule
• Available in English, French, and Spanish
• 30% discount from Scrivener for your writing software

Course Duration: 14 months 3 hours per week online training

Price: Free

One of the trainees said that during the duration of the course, there is something new to learn every day.

Ninja Writing

The training in this course delves on” the four levels of writing mastery” which are narrative, paragraph, sentence, and word level. The narrative section will teach you how to superbly arrange your thoughts and bond with your audience whereas the paragraph section deals with the mastery of weaving through paragraphs to give your writing order and sophistication. In the sentence level, you will learn how to turn your sentences into refined and periodic display of your ideas; the word level on the other hand will teach you how to choose the right words to use in your writing. The tutorial is for all types of writers, for example, bloggers, journalists, and business executives.

Advantages of Taking this Course
• Enable more career opportunities
• Give you more shots at promotions
• Enable you have more online viewers

Course Duration: 1 month with money-back guarantee

Price: $199.99 regular price

Review: One of the student’s talks of how they were able to move from writing 500 words in two hours to under 20 minutes which is very impressive for a beginner.

6 Steps to a Successful Writing Habit

This is a toolkit that gives writers at beginner level six ways to write successfully.

Advantages of taking up the course
• One learns to optimize their writing method space
• Learn to develop a regular writing schedule
• Helps one collect and proceed with action

Course Duration: 9 lessons divided into 40 minute video tutorials

Price: Free one month trial

A student talks of how they were able to write on a daily basis after taking the course as opposed to before where they could write a few words once a week.

Start Writing Fiction

Do you wish to start or improve your fiction writing? This is the course for you as you do not have to be experienced in any field to start. When you take up the training, learners review each others’ work and critique it according to the guidelines provided. It is however important to note that, once in a while you may encounter work that contains adult content. In such a scenario, the writer is advised to place a warning to let others know that their work contains such content. The course comes in three packages; Free, Upgrade, and Unlimited.

Advantages of Taking the Course
• Takes in trainees from 16 years
• A Certificate of Achievement on all courses
• Access to courses with Certificates of Achievement

Course Duration: Free Package 10 weeks then upgrade

Price: Upgrade Package - $59

      Unlimited Package $269 

Story Genius

This is a 13 week novel writing workshop that helps writers produce word that captivates their readers. It is offered online through direct interaction with the tutors who assess and provide feedback on your work. Admission to the training is however not automatic as your application has to be reviewed to determine if you fit into the program.

Advantages of the Training
• Direct interaction with tutors
• Comes in two packages
• Helps one write captivating work

Course Duration: 13 weeks

Price: Self-study $399

       Standard Workshop $699

A review from one of the trainees explains how they were able to overcome writer’s burnout after taking the course.

You can stop an individual with a passion for writing; however, you have to master the right skills for you to capture the attention of your readers. The courses above will provide the skills necessary for that no matter your writing level. The trainings are suited for beginners and writers who want to add extra skills to their writing. Whatever your niche in writing, I am sure that you will find a course suitable for you.

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