If you’re looking for online courses that are related to the R programming language and technology, datacamp is the platform for you.

This is where you’ll find all this along with a wide variety of other courses. This review will guide you through it in details.

What Is Datacamp?

DataCamp is an educational e-learning platform that provides MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) since 2014. It specializes in data science courses that would help students boost their careers.
DataCamp mainly provides DataCamp Python, DataCamp R, DataCamp SQL, and DataCamp Spreadsheet courses.

General Review


We’re dealing with a website that offers a variety of online courses. Datacamp is a leading website in providing excellent teachers who are well aware of the subjects inside out
It provides interactive exercises that make learning more enjoyable and easier. Datacamp also has a tremendous community that’s greatly willing to help their associates in their hunt for knowledge.

Also, the curriculum itself is very technically-rich and could help students earn the necessary tools in their fields of interest.

What’d be worth mentioning though, is that data analysts wouldn’t benefit from Datacamp as much as data scientists will.

Datacamp 101

To create an account on Datacamp you have many options. You could do it by signing in through your Linkedin, Facebook or Google account, or you could just create a new account using your email. Signing up to the website is free.

Subscribing to Datacamp

Datacamp offers plans for businesses and individuals. If you’re an individual, you could choose their paid packages (monthly or yearly) which give you access to 214 courses to pick from, along with several additional features.

If you choose to learn for free, you will only be granted access to 9 courses, and of course, a very limited amount of challenges.

Businesses have only paid plans, no free ones. The higher in price the plan is, the more authority the user gets- which makes sense!

Overall, compared to other platforms of the same genre, Datacamp is not expensive.

Touring Through Datacamp

The website interface is relatively user-friendly and not complicated. The courses are accessed by either using the search bar and typing a keyword or simply choosing one from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

You will then be directed to the “All Courses” page, where you’ll find all the recommended courses, upcoming additions, courses sorted by technology or topic, or just go through their library.

Once you pick a course and get directed to its page, you’ll notice how straightforward it is. This is an advantage because, in some similar websites, you’d get lost and confused about how to find the specific course that you need.

Many users like to learn about the instructors that teach the course that they’re interested in, and datacamp provides that kind of information, as well as a brief about the course.

Reaching their support team is also easily done through various methods like Live Chat, email or even through their Facebook page.
What was found popular among some users is that every instruction comes with a live tutorial video, as well as an exercise to illustrate it.
Their approach to Python is also very popular and recommended among users, as datacamp specifically focuses on Python for data science.
Most users who haven’t learned about Python before have gained and learned all the information they needed about it through datacamp’s detailed courses.
Data camp might not be the best for people who are already well aware of the subject. Many students have reported it to be “basic and spoon-fed” and haven’t found it informative at all.

How Will I Benefit from Datacamp?

Datacamp will benefit you quite a lot, actually. At the top of their benefits come their very well chosen instructors in the field. Each teacher has their own profile for users to check and gather an idea about their history and experience.

Their interactive platform gives you the opportunity to have access to 10,000 experts and peers in your field, by sharing knowledge and chatting. It also focuses on interactive learning by providing many videos and engaging exercises for practice. It doesn’t only stop there, but it also allows you to code the information that you learned by watching their videos.

Is Datacamp Worthy of Your Time and Money?

Like any other platform, Datacamp has its Pros and Cons that we’lll be listing them below:


  • User-friendly
  • Rich content quality
  • Interactive and engaging exercises
  • Could easily contact them through various methods
  • Straightforward and clear in terms of pricing
  • Quality-matching prices
  • No annoying pop-ups or ads
  • Doesn’t enforce “you might also like” links that distract the user
  • Provides videos not only text- makes it less boring sometimes
  • Flexible course times
  • Easy access to their support
  • Easy access to their instructors
  • Certifies users when completing their courses


  • Repetitive exercises
  • The interactive exercises are not optional; which makes some users forced to go through an exercise that they’re not interested in.
  • Some of their courses have too much text
  • Not always are the videos and text boxes in sync, which could be somewhat confusing
  • Doesn’t focus on the theoretical and methodological side of the course
  • A very little amount of courses for free users
  • Isn’t of value to data analysts
  • Sometimes providing too much info for the student, which doesn’t really push them to learn

Finishing up

Datacamp is a user-friendly, rich quality, scientific data online courses provider. Whether you’ve got a scientific background or not, it will still be the place for you.

When it comes to comparing Datacamp to other similar platforms, it takes the lead in their choice of instructors as well as pricing transparency.

Their interactive exercises could be a good or a bad thing depending on the user’s nature, however, they have proven to be beneficial to most users, especially that Datacamp combines both videos and text.

The advantage of Datacamp is that, if you’re not confident about paying for it just yet, you could try out their courses for free first before you make up your mind about it.

We hope to have been helpful and managed to cover most of your questions regarding Datacamp.